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Maui Dog Training and Boarding

My goal is to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by giving you tools and communication that you can immediately use to improve life with your dog.

I want you to have more fun with your dog every single day.

I do that through Maui Dog Training Retreats and Maui Dog Boarding Staycations.

Maui Dog Training Retreats

I wish my dog didn’t bark, act afraid, wasn’t a total anxiety case, lunge at other dogs, run away from me when I need her to come to me RIGHT NOW, jump, eat things, qualify for the “does not play well with others” check box on a dog socialization report card, got along with my other dog…. and the list goes on.

I’ve always loved my work with dog training retreats. (Other trainers call it board and train, I’d much rather work one dog at a time in retreat mode!) I get to create a whole new picture for your dog to reference, an understanding of what word goes with what action, and once your dog has a better understanding of how we need them to operate in our world, I transfer that communication method to you. Its a win for you and your dog.

A Maui Dog Training Retreat is for those who

  • want a better behaved dog
  • have an unresolved issue you’ve been trying to work on but are frustrated, don’t know what to do or have tried to work with to no avail
  • are going out of town and need a safe secure place for your dog to be well taken care of while working on being the best dog ever
  • want to join my in a journey to the best relationship ever with your dog, which spills over into the rest of everything you do every single day

Most retreats are two weeks, but custom programs for each dog’s needs and your travel plans are available.

Maui Dog Training Retreats 808-936-4388 or inbox me.

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Maui Dog Boarding Short & Long Term

Maui Dog Remedies is a new concept in boarding for your dog or puppy. Boarding that has structure leaves your dog not only well exercised at the end of the day, but also well mannered. Dog’s that attend our Staycation Program get plenty of social time with other dogs but they also learn good manners through practicing obedience, taking individual walks, and having mandatory down time where they learn to just “chill out”.

Maui Dog Boarding as a Staycation is what makes for a happy and content dog at the end of your dogs’ stay.  Boarding is available by private scheduled stays.  Short and long term dogs can join us to meet your needs but all dog’s must be pre-approved prior to attending.  To schedule an evaluation, please contact us. If you’re dog needs some obedience training prior to enrolling in the short or long term boarding session, we will discuss one of our training options with you.

Private Maui Dog Training Sessions

Dogs learn and think in pictures and we humans do not. I get great joy out of teaching people how to train their dog or puppy so that they “get it” instead of what you’ve been doing….

Which is repeating yourself and saying no stop it, and wishing your dog or puppy wouldn’t do that anymore. You are feeling a bit frustrated and then sort of mad at yourself for getting mad at the dog.

You actually have done training sessions but they didn’t work so well. It’s why I like to do private training because I get to work with communication on everybody’s side.

It means I help puppies, dogs, and dog people get more of what they are looking for…

People who have a puppy, a rescue dog, or an old dog that needs some help are perfect for private training session with me.

When you know better, you dog better. ~ Maya Angelou

Dogs do reflect our behavior as we reflect theirs. Another thing you’ll get out of private session with Maui Dog Remedies is teaching your dog a new better way really will help you do your life a better way too.

Maui Dog Remedies Private Dog Training Sessions 808-936-4388 or inbox me.

More about Jt Clough | Maui Dog Remedies

Dogs.  I love dogs.  I have two of my own dogs I love with all of my heart. Dogs have been a part of my life and I’ve been whispering with animals since I was a kid, growing up on farms and ranches in Montana.

I understand how dogs think and learn and can clearly communicate that to people, who usually try to teach dogs as though they were little kids, only with an even faster learning curve.

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Though I have two college degrees (unrelated to dogs) and have practiced as a holistic health practitioner, working with dogs will always be a part of my life. I’ve also completed numerous dog training academies and set up training programs for professional trainers.

I work with behavior and have experience with search and rescue dogs, protection dogs, narcotics detection dogs and hunting dogs.  Now, mainly I work with people’s beloved pets and I treat them with an empathy as if they were my own.

I also work with holistic health remedies for both dogs and their people.  Health and fitness have been a part of my life and I support others in incorporating into their lives.

I teach cooking for dogs, incorporating things like coconut oil which is anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic and helps with inflammation.  There are so many things we can add to our dogs’ diets that is much healthier than the same old kibble every day and will keep your dog living longer and feeling better.  Remedies for itching, scratching and licking that don’t require steroids or antibiotics has been one of my most cherished accomplishments.

If you’d like to know more about healthy dog food + treats or itching, scratching or licking for dogs please join my inbox.

There are times we reflect our dogs’ behavior.  And times our dogs reflect our behavior.  Dogs teach us much about ourselves and why we have invited certain things in our everyday routines, the way we think, the way we live.

Working with dogs means I work with people too.  It’s all part of my passion to self improvement through the playful eyes of our dogs.

I am an author and write about dogs, health and natural remedies.

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Getting your dog directly into Hawaii without quarantine is entirely possible, but not an easy process to understand.  The government forms available offer little assistance.  After going through the process, I can make recommendations that will help you with your move.  If a move to Hawaii with dogs is part of your lifestyle change, this article, Getting Dogs to Hawaii, will help you move your dog without ANY quarantine time.

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This guide to running with your dog was written for those who are making a change to add more health and fitness to their lives and are looking for the easiest way to great success.  Your dog as your training partner has proven this is lifestyle change that sticks around.  Get fit, spend time with your dog and accomplish your goal of running a 5K.

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Dog Goodies
Dogs love goodies and so do their people!  Visit the goodies page for dog treats and cool things and ideas I recommend for dogs and dog people.

Don’t buy things for your dog that you won’t use.  Just like people, clutter can be distracting.  More isn’t always better and won’t bring your dog good health, loving big round eyes or a wagging tail.  Doing fun things (yeah some people try to label it exercise to take the fun out of it), feeding good food, and limiting the amount of chemicals taken in will make you and your dog happy and healthy.