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My goal is to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by giving you a safe place Maui Dog sitting, Maui Dog Boarding and Maui Dog Walking on Maui, plenty of exercise and some cool dog swag to support Wonder Dog Fund; a fund for dogs who are in need of veterinary care. *Click the Wonder Dog link on the top menu to find out more.

I want you to have more fun with your dog every single day.

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Maui Dog Remedies is the place on Maui for your dog to stay when you are off island or away from home.

Your dog gets plenty of exercise and playtime, while under a watchful eye with structure and calm all around.

Make sure to get on the VID list (Very Important Dog) Maui Dog Remedies limits the number of dogs spots available so that your dog is getting ample attention. Unlike many of the boarding kennels on Maui where your dog lives in a kennel 23 hours of the day.

Maui Dog Boarding as a Staycation makes for a happy and content dog at the end of your dogs’ stay.  Maui Dog Boarding and Maui Dog Sitting is available by private scheduled stays. Short and long term dogs can join us to meet your needs but all dog’s must be pre-approved prior to attending.  To schedule a phone consultation or evaluation, please contact us.

Online Dog Training

Dogs learn and think in pictures and we humans do not. Whether you live on Maui or the Mainland online dog training has helped thousands of people with quality dog training for their dogs. It’s not always easy or convenient to find the class that is right for you. Get quality online dog training deliver right to your home and the best dog ever.

Get access to hundreds of online dog training videos for $1!

Online Dog Training

People who have a puppy, a rescue dog, or an old dog that needs some help are perfect for online dog training.

When you know better, you dog better. ~ Maya Angelou


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Getting Dogs to Hawaii

The process seems a long and a bit confusing.  That’s why there will be The Rest of the Hawaii Adventure with your dog unfolding before you as your updates arrive.  For now, make sure to get these first steps done, and look forward to the the next steps in the process of Getting Your Dog To Hawaii.

Getting your dog directly into Hawaii without quarantine is entirely possible, but not an easy process to understand.  The government forms available offer little assistance.  After going through the process, I can make recommendations that will help you with your move.  If a move to Hawaii with dogs is part of your lifestyle change, this article, Getting Dogs to Hawaii, will help you move your dog without ANY quarantine time.

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