Beneful Dog Food Recall Yes or No?

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The dog world is rocked with dog food questions these days. What is good, what is bad?  What is the truth, what is not.  The latest controversy is a Beneful Dog Food recall that hasn’t happened.  A Purina product.

Yep, one of the big store name brands that puts pretty pictures of real food on the front of the bag.  The marketing is done nicely.  Fresh carrots and peas, chunks of premium red meat imprint on the mind.  The photos let us believe in our hearts this is what we are feeding our beloved dogs.

After all.  Its an oldie goldie trusted name, right?

But Beneful Dog Food is Not on the FDA Dog Food Recall List

Should I be concerned?

Recently the Consumer Affairs website has been inundated with over 250 complaints about Beneful Dog Food causing illness, even to the point of liver failure on their website.  I think these complaints are going to be far from over unfortunately.  It’s quite a political arena as it turns out, sort of like the fight over listing GMO’s!

*you can see more complaints about Beneful Dog Food at

An Examiner article titled Beneful dog food killing dogs nationwide; no recall issued by FDA has become quite popular and in fact has also taken criticism for reporting something before it is actually proven to be true.

Yet, the truth of the matter is there have been chicken jerky dog treats on the market that have also been making hundreds and thousands of dogs sick, some to the point of death, but have not been placed on the FDA recall list.

The FDA Criteria

Finally, after over a year of people reporting sick and dying dogs over the chicken jerky treats coming out of China, the FDA listed Milo’s Kitchen® Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers after the company voluntarily recalled the product due to finding trace amounts of antibiotics in them.

What??? Not only are there all kinds of chemicals and diseased products being added to our dogs’ food, but we are feeding them a little bit of antibiotics every time we give them a treat?  Sound like something you want to sign up for?

I don’t know about you, but I’d certainly believe the number of complaints and problems listed on the Consumer Affairs website to have some serious validity to them before I’d wait until the FDA decided to issue a warning!

So why isn’t the FDA recalling Beneful?  There could be several possibilites.

It could be every single complaint on the Consumer Affairs website are legitimate reports of pet death or illness linked to Beneful, but only a few of these pet food adverse events were reported to FDA.

You can read more on reasons why the FDA doesn’t seem to get on these things in a timely fashion at Information Regarding Beneful Complaints

What Dog Food Should You Feed Your Dog

That’s the big question.  And there are many opinions about it.  Personally, I have a problem with an all processed diet.  However, not even I have time to cook for my dogs every single day.  As well, feeding your dog a home made dog food diet does require some knowledge.  They need certain vitamins and minerals.

It’s not that hard really though.  Once you have a few rules down, get a few good dog food cookbooks and find good quality ingredients kibble to feed on those days you can’t do it all, you’ll have a happier healthier dog (and you too most likely…  back to the old fashioned you are what you eat methodology).

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