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Habits. It is what our lives are made up of and we can start today by concsiously choosing better habits or stay with the old worn our stressful ones.

Running with dogs is a great way to create new habits that change lives for the better.


1. Morning Ritual Running with Dogs

The way our day starts out does indeed set the tone for the outcome of our whole day. You can wake up, start reading e-mail, cruise Facebook, get overwhelmed because you have so much to do do today, and end up watching the depressing loop of CNN over and over again.

Or, you can take your dog and go for a run. Its a ritual that will start your days with oxygen intake, clear your mind, move your body to start from a place of strength and clarity rather than confusion and stagnation.

Your dog only has health, good behavior and even more happiness to share with you to gain from a morning ritual of running with your dog.

2. Gratefulness and Running with Dogs

So you may not think of running with your dog as a way to be grateful at first suggestion. But make this a habit and within a few short weeks you’ll be as grateful as your dog to go for a run. You’ll look forward to it. You’ll begin to plan around making sure running with your dog is on the schedule as many days of the week as possible.

It’s a lesson to first learn from your own dog. Take on the same attitude. You pick up the leash, your dog runs to the door, tail wagging, bouncy, barely able to contain the excitement of the thought they get to go outside, move, run, be active.

Just be as grateful as your dog for the chance to go out on a run, short or long, get as stoked as your dog. It will soon become a natural feeling, one you long to to do as often as possible, and yes, it will rub off onto the rest of your life.

3. Stress Reduction Running with Dogs

We have it. Stress. A word that has become ingrained in our lives. Get it out. Stop with the stress. Sure, things happen around us, we have busy lives, and jobs and so much is far from perfect, but there is a simple strategy to reduce it.  The most overlooked medicine for stress is exercise.

Go for a run with your dog. It will work wonders for your stress level. And your dog will be super stoked too. Even more reason. It’s easy to smile, let go, feel the peace of life around you when you see how a simple run can be pure bliss for your dog. Yep, like I said before. It rubs off and becomes part of your daily persona.

4. It’s Ok To Go a Little Bit Hard

We’ve become a society of holding back. We are gripped by mediocracy. It’s force fed to us in the media. We can cure all our problems with some meds, never mind the long list of side effects, some quick and easy GMO food, and living our active lives through watching Survivor on TV.

We don’t go a little hard at anything physical. McDonalds did an excellent job years ago of convincing us, ‘You deserve a break today.”

You will never move to a better place if you stay comfortable, try to make it as easy as possible, especially when it comes to exercise. Go a little hard. Even if it’s only for a minute.  The uncomfortable will become comfortable and you’ll get from where you are now closer to where you keep saying your want to be!

You’ll find the feeling addictive in a really good way. Go a little hard and feel the good on the other end of that.

Once again, take a lesson from your dog. Ever watch a dog just go into a full on run after a ball, or down the beach, or doing zoomies around the yard? What happens when they stop?

Big smile, wagging tail, bright eyes. Turned on and happy about it. Go a little hard. It’s okay. You’ll feel good about it afterward.

5. Never Ever Give Up. It is Better to be Sore Tomorrow than Sorry You Don’t Have Your Health (Dog Included).

The Steve Job types of the world will tell you that its those who don’t give up that get the greatest joy, success, achievement, and happiness out of life. Better to be sore in the body and the mind for continuing to try than to stagnate, become negative, get fat, and have a general so what attitude about your own life.

Never give up and don’t put labels on yourself like I’m not a runner. You are. You just need to start and then not give up.

You may not consider yourself a runner. You may not even think your dog is a runner, but the truth of the matter is exercise is the number one antidote to depression, to building a healthy immune system, muscle tissue and general stamina.

Exercise clears the mind, brings peace and space to be alone, away from social media, the noise of people rambling idol chatter in your head, worrying about job projects, or just that general sense of anxiety you carry around all day long with you.

Dogs are great teachers of this concept. Run, clear your mind, go a little hard, and enjoy every moment of this wonderful life you have to create and choose health over feeling bad.

*photo credit: By cogdogblog

Maui Dog Training specializing in private lessons, and dog training retreats, and yes, I will get you started running with your dog, motivate you to get out the door and gain a habit that gains peace of mind and loses a few extra pounds that may be hanging around.

Maui Dog TrainingJt Clough lives in Maui, Hawaii and practices health, happiness, natural remedies and training for dogs and their people.  Her way of communication with both dogs and people is healing and her training is effective physically and emotionally. Her work at ReVIBE | Dogs + Joy + Vibrance is for people looking to live healthier and happier lives through their dogs and her passion for it has helped so many to find more peace and joy in every day life with dogs. She is a dog whisperer for our best friends, specializing in private training and dog retreats. Her latest publications are Pumpkin Dog Food + Treats Recipes and 5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs.

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