Celebrating Dog Birthdays

Dog BirthdayIt’s Aloha Friday and we are celebrating Emmy’s birthday!  She’s my Labrador Retriever that everyone loves and I happen to be a huge fan of her as well.  She’s 6 years old today. Being the dog trainer that I am, I know many dogs and know that celebrating dog birthdays is not uncommon!

So, please do tell, what kind of celebration do you do for your dog’s birthday?

Dog “Dancing” To Eminem “Shake That”

Happy Birthday to my EmmySue.  It’s Aloha Friday and we’re shakin our booties to the music because today we’re having so much fun!

Dog Birthday Maui Style

We are going to the beach, gonna do a little swim, because Emmy LOVES the water.  And she LOVES her tennis ball too, so she’ll get to carry it all the way down the beach and back.  And then for dinner, time for Real Food for Dogs!  Nothing but the best for this Lab!

Steak drizzled with coconut oil, cut up of in tiny pieces for better digestion since she is a Lab and would herk it down in one bite given the chance.  She’ll also get an egg and dark leafy greens (yeah probably not her favorite but a little mixed up with the meat goes down nicely) and a blob of cottage cheese.

Now that’s some Super Food for Dogs!  And for Emmy it’s not out of the ordinary since she gets to eat that way all the time.  Its just she doesn’t always get steak.  Usually it’s some other thing like ground pork, beef or chicken.  We don’t go for the high grade full on steak every day, well until Emmy figures out a way to make her cuteness pay for it daily!

Want To Learn More About Real Food for Dogs?

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