Unfounded Over Vaccination Dog Laws

I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of legislation messing with our health. And now they are messing with our dogs’ health. It’s been a tiring month.  First the GMO thing, and now listen to this video on how legislature is trying to pass a bill that will basically start the over vaccination process for our puppies and dogs out super early. Waaaay too early.

Risks of Early Vaccinations for Your Puppy or Dog

First, most rabies vaccinations have mercury in them.  Bad.  Really bad.  As you’ll hear in the video, there are veterinarians who say they have never seen a bad reaction.  I’ve got one word on that.  Bull… you know the second part of that word!

There is actually big reason to believe that early vaccination will leave puppies and dogs open to neutralization so they get the bad effects but aren’t even covered for rabies after all.  Read The Alarming Proposed Bill That Could Threaten Your Pet’s Life.

Big Pharmaceuticals Creating Income Through Legislation Using Our Dogs

Ugly.  Sad.  We are now killing our dogs early over once again pharmaceuticals making more money.

We are filling ourselves and our dogs full of chemicals that we are being force fed through the media are good for us.

In the dog world it’s not only this bill but most other vaccinations and medications too.  Take heart worm for example:

We’ve been told we need to make sure and feed the heartworm pill full of chemicals monthly.  Read this article Are Drug Companies Honest About Heartworm by Dr. Dobias and you’ll find it’s impossible for a heart worm to even mature in that time.  So why monthly?  Add it up.  That’s why.  It’s certainly not for the health and longevity of your beloved best friend.

What You Can Do To Keep Your Dog Healthy

First, don’t sign up for every vaccination suggested for your dog.  Do some research before you start shooting your dog or puppy up with unnecessary vaccinations.  Find  a vet willing to do a titre or look into alternative treatment.

You have to stay informed to know, so do your research.  Like our own food and medication these days, just because it’s on the shelf in the local store or health care office does not mean it is safe or good for us.  And on the other side of that, there are also a lot of things that are, they are usually just not placed on a shelf that is the easiest to access.

Look up and look down and all around, there are better choices we can all start making.  For our dogs and for ourselves.

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