Training Maui Dogs and the Human Brain

No behavior can be changed with the same thinking that created it. It’s true of humans, it’s true of our dogs, whether you live on Maui or anywhere in the rest of the world.

Humans have 60-70,000 thoughts per day, and research tells us that at least 90% of those thoughts are the same exact thoughts as we had yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that.

To change a behavior or a habit; to get something different than you have right now takes conscious effort. It is no different when it comes to creating a new behavior in a dog.

Dogs’ brains, in many ways, look and function just like human brains.

The number of thoughts dogs’ have may not be the same, but given this fact not only do dogs understand emotion, they are functioning in repetitive habit, just like we are.

Changing Unwanted Dog Behavior

Changing unwanted behavior whether it is in your dog or in yourself means you need to stop lying to yourself!

Stop thinking that the things you don’t want, say wild barking, jumping on you and everybody else, or the dog who does not play well with others, is miraculously going to go away some day soon without doing something different. And to DO something different, you must start THINKING something different.

It’s a classic example of how we don’t get what we want in ourselves. We just keep on doing the same old thing. We come up with all the excuses in the world. Lack of time, lack of energy, or we simply don’t believe it’s possible.

The truth is we are lying to ourselves about our dogs’ capabilities and ours as well. It seems easier to just complain about it.

Do Something Different and You’ll Get Something Different

Trust me on this one. Do something different. Make the commitment to believe you can get your dog to be the well behaved dream dog. Make the commitment to get more of what you want out of life.

In other words… PUT ALL YOUR EFFORT INTO LOOKING FOR WHAT YOU WANT, instead of focusing on the things that are driving you crazy, or the things you don’t have right now.

If your dog jumps on you and everyone else all the time, show him how to sit. And then keep doing that. Look for the opportunities to have your dog sit.

You know all those times it has been a habit to jump (or fill in the blank with an unwanted action), take the 5 seconds and help your dog into a sit before the jump happens. If you miss that moment, do it afterward. Just do it. Do something different. And guess what, it’s the same exact 5 seconds you would have spent irritated and snapping at your dog to knock it off.

Remember, no behavior can change with the same thinking as created it in the first place!

Sometimes asking for a little help doesn’t hurt either! Contact me here.

Maui Dog Training RetreatsJt Clough of Maui Dog Remedies is a professional dog trainer, pet industry business coach, health fanatic, and author.  She is a 9 time Ironman finisher, with decades of training dogs and their people to better lifestyles, from behavior modification to fitness and health through natural remedies, mental stimulation and lifestyle choices.  She is an emotional healer through dogs.  Described as a seeker, Jt has an uncanny ability to teach adaptation to change and to take inspired action.

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