Coconut Oil for Dogs and Other Natural Remedy Health Hacks

Dog MedicationsAre you tired of expensive toxic medications for your dog?

Does your dogs’ itching, scratching and licking bug you?  Not to mention the discomfort you can see going on with one of your very best friends in the world, does it sometimes frustrate you because the vet is expensive and the problem keeps coming back?

And can we just talk about the parasite thing? We know it goes on. It’s common in the tropics of Maui, but no matter where you live with your dog, it’s an issue.

Dog Parasite Remedies

Ever see your dog eat something they really shouldn’t… like dog poop, cat poop, some gross gnarly dead fish parts off the beach? OMG right?

Arrow Soft RightHow about those hot spots your dog keeps getting? Its frustrating and once it starts its perfect growing environment in the tropics to make it more difficult than cooler, drier climates to heal up.

Have You Signed Up For the Expensive Toxic Ways To Handle These Dog Health Issues?

First, I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t have your dog on some sort of flea treatment. In fact for those who live in Maui, your dog should be on Trifexis. Yeah, bold statement I know, considering the fact that I’m not a vet and no, this is not a natural remedy. But…

I work with lots of dogs. And I hear the problems people have with their dogs from behavior to health. The one thing your dog WILL get if you live in Hawaii and do not give a prescription medication to prevent is heart worm. So go with Trifexis on that front.

Apart from that, there are other issues like fleas. Which are major pain in the butt because if your dog lives in the house and gets fleas, you have em too. Big bummer.

Fleas cause things like tape worm and a host of other parasites, not only that, the bites itch like crazy.

And ticks. Gross. Ticks just make one feel like there is something crawling all over their body when you deal with one. They also can cause all kinds of irreversible disease.

So, traditionally dog owners have been conditioned to go to the vet to get expensive medications to treat these things, which is not only costly but can be quite toxic.

3 Natural Remedies for Dogs for Fleas, Ticks, Parasites, Licking and Scratching

Coconut Oil For Dogs

CoconutOilCircledCoconut oil is also anti inflammatory. Huge in dogs as they begin to age are in eating mostly processed foods.

Hot spots on your dog? Coconut oil is a remedy due to the Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) which are beneficial in healing skin issues.

Pumpkin Seeds For Dogs


Make sure to serve them raw. Cooking or baking raw pumpkin seeds destroys the incredible nutritional value. Crushing them slightly up in a nutri-bullet or blender can aid in the absorption process.

For those who feed whole food, calcium is the nutrient that is difficult to get into a dog’s diet. Good news, raw pumpkin seeds are high in calcium. Iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc are all essential minerals for the immune system and are contained in pumpkin seeds.

Diatomaceous Earth For Dogs

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth can be used both internally and externally on dogs.


Used internally Diatomaceous Earth it should be fed for a least 30 days just a teaspoon at a time added to your dog’s normal food works. It can eliminate hookworms, pinworms, whipworms and roundworms, as well as a host of other parasites.

How does it work?

Microscopically sharp edges of the food grade substance contact the insect or parasite and pierce the coating, which causes dehydration and death. Larvae is affected in the same way which is why it is a great natural product to use for flea infestations.

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