What Games are You Playing With Your Dog?Dog Training EcourseYou know the games your dog is playing are all about your life right?

What games are you playing in life? Do you ever take short bits of time and just play with your dog? Or are they games that leave you filled with excuses, lack and feeling a bit empty about each and every day?

The Perfect Game – Life With Dogs

Your dog’s version of perfect game is certainly a life well played and a life well loved. And honestly we all want that too.

But, us humans have all kinds of conflicting criteria as to what makes us happy. Money, career, the person to be with, the right job, owning our own business. The big house with the white picket fence, a nice car, a couple of kids and the well behaved dog.

And we also tend to carry around a lot of excuses as to why we don’t have those thing we define as happiness.

Are you sitting on the sidelines watching. Being a full blown spectator? You wanna have a say in your own personal life but you just aren’t willing to get out there and play?

And what in the world does that have to do with the life you live with your dog?


I hear it all the time. My dog does this thing, (go ahead, list all your irritations here)..

Small orange ckmkShe’s doesn’t listen to me.

Small orange ckmkShe’s too hyper, can’t concentrate on what I want her to do. Sitting for a minute is beyond her capability.

Small orange ckmkShe’s a ball of anxiety. New things leave her wanting to check out. Hide in the corner. Everything seems like a chore.

Small orange ckmkShe’s destroyed my newest favorite pair of shoes again.

Small orange ckmkShe barks non stop at anything that walks past “her” house.

Go ahead. Make your list. Do it. Right now… then come back and read this…

Now think about all those things you listed about your dog, the things that really bug you, the things you wish you could change with a wave of a wand. Abracadabra. Fixed!

Read them again, and then think of how in your own personal life you are playing those same exact things out. Oh yeah. OMD… Oh My Dog. Yeppers. We point the finger at our dog, and there are four pointing back at you.

Dog Training EcourseShe doesn’t listen to me = you know a lot of times when you should be listening, even learning but instead you are talking over top of someone else, or you don’t even hear what they say because you’re too busy formulating what you are going to say in response.

Ecourse for Life With DogsYou’ve got 15 projects you really want to get done, and 45 tabs open on your computer. The multi-tasking has become such a habit you finish nothing but become really good at starting everything = way too hyper, can’t focus long enough to sit for more the 3.5 seconds.

Go Train Your Dog EcourseYou want to start something new, move, change our life, get a new boyfriend or girlfriend, stop drinking and get fit, but actually taking the necessary steps to do it, that thought brings total ANXIETY, it stops you cold in your tracks = the dog who freaks at the thought of your leaving, or the leaf that just blew across the yard when you let her out to go pee.

Get In The Game

I challenge you today. If you have been sitting on the sidelines; GET IN THE GAME.

Play it. The things you want to do. Do them. Stop being so hyper and grabbing at all the shiny bits out there. Concentrate on what you want. And do that thing. Get everything else out of the way.

If you spend hours and weeks and months worrying, building anxiety about what’s next, what if this happens or what if that happens… I challenge you. Get in the game. Concentrate on exactly what you want. Make a list of how you can get it. And every single time anxiety arises; do something on that list. Get in the game.

And how do you get your dog in the game? Get all those things that bug you so much to magically disappear?

Honestly, you’re playing the same game here. You have a hyper dog, jumps on you, spins around, you’re practically dizzy just getting a leash on. The shiny bits went way out of control in your dogs mind. Practice sit. For more than a minute. Over and over. It’s an exercise that is extremely calming.

I know. Sounds way too simple. But we’ve worked ourselves into it just can’t be done because we’ve created expectations around the way my dog just is. I’ll just put up with it. It’ll either just go away if I wish it away long enough, or when I have more time I’ll get some help (exit to scrolling the facebook feed)… how many hours do you spend there that you could be playing the game of life creating exactly what you want, from decluttering to a new career, to spending a little bit time each day getting your dog to sit instead of letting her spin out. How many hours have you wasted not working on that?

Practice becomes permanent. An exercise as simple as sit, it’s calming. It builds confidence. It can even be a game.

Do This Thing With Your Dog and You’ll Play More Good Games

Sitting is zen for dogs. Grounded. Then you can move on to the next thing. Throw in a daily walk, things really change for you and your dog! It’s all a psychology I teach in my ecourse on how to life the life you really wanted with your dog. Of course I work with people privately too, but for now, just start. All on your own.

The big deal is, get in the game and to do that you gotta start.

What’s your game of life? What game do you want to play with your dog? Go do it! You can do anything you want. You can teach your dog a ton of stuff, like the dog on the skateboard. It’s a matter of how you view it. Would you rather sit on the sidelines or do you want to get in the game and play hard?

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