The Scoop on Dog Poop – Why Dogs Sniff It, Eat It, & anything else pertaining dealing with dog poop! 

Because after all… Poop Happens!

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What To Do If Your Dog Eats Poop

Dogs like poop. They don’t think it’s gross. We do. Dogs don’t understand why we freak out so much when we catch them in the act of chowing down their golden nugget.

Some experts say it’s a deficiency in their diet. You can watch the training session and find out what we think. What I’ll say here though is, you need to watch your dog, stop them before they do it, or in the act and make it a pattern so they stop doing it.

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What To Do If Your Dog Has Diarrhea

Dogs do eat gross things. Sometimes it gives them some serious digestive problems. Yikes. If you think it’s serious or goes on longer than 24 hours you should get your dog to the vet asap.

General rules of thumb though. Stop feeding your dog their normal diet to let their system clear for 12-24 hours.

You can give 2-3 Tablespoons of canned pumpkin. Make sure it is not the pie filling which contains sugar. Straight pumpkin is best.

Give your dog 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil twice daily. It’s anti bacterial, anti fungal, and anti parasitic.

Make sure your dog is getting water and staying hydrated. Which means you may have to lead your dog to water if he/she doesn’t go on their own.

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