So, your dog pulls on the leash. There’s got to be a better way. Are there training leashes for dogs out there that can help my dog stop this terrible habit?

Professional dog trainers will tell you that without a doubt, there are leashes that can help and there are leashes you should stay away from like the plague. Here’s a quick guide and video that can help you with your choice.

Dog Training Leashes NOT To Use

The retractable leash. This one should be ban. Seriously. It should be illegal. Here’s why:

Whether your dog pulls regularly or not, it takes a one time lunge where you instinctively reach out and grab the leash to try and get control and these things can happen:

Accidental Injuries From a Retractable Leash

  • Laceration to the hands, arms, or legs
  • Finger amputation
  • Being pulled to the ground. When your dog has 10 or 20 feet to build up speed you can be pulled off your feet and find yourself in a serious skid from the leverage of that distance.

Injury to Your Dog or Other Dogs

  • Legs or tail amputated
  • Freaking out when and if you drop it and it slides on the ground
  • Your dog getting hit by car when they dart into the road still on the 10 or 20 foot leash
  • Dog altercations and injuries from fights because a dog even if friendly can dart in the face of another dog on one of these leashes.

I could go on and on. There is more, but you get the idea.

Training Leashes For Dogs That Are Useful and Safe

There are a few in this category. Today I’ll highlight one because it is outstanding in for several reason. Whether you are working on leash pulling or you want a leash that is convenient and allows your dog to be leash free, this one is super cool.

The Leisure Leash

Training leashes for dogsProfessional dog trainers will tell you the first mistake people make is letting their dog get out to the end of the leash. Then they try to real them back. Over and over.

The Leisure Leash solves this problem in some ways that are definitely outside the box, but work well. After all, you were looking for some magic here when it comes to leash training right?

First check out this video:

After watching the video you can see that you will keep your dog closer to you. Don’t be confused with not allowing your dog to have some sniff time.

As you can see you can use the leash to keep your dog near you and when the moments present themselves for sniffing you can simply slip the leash over your dog’s head and allow complete freedom. All the while you stay in control of your dog.

It’s an interesting concept. By giving your dog more freedom and yet being able to have close proximity control you’ll both be getting what you need and desire when it comes to a fun walk, run or outing with your dog. It’s no different than an argument. When both sides get what they want, the friction goes away! 

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