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Cooking for Dogs

Pumpkin Dog Food + Treats RecipesDo you worry you’re killing your dog with kibble?  Have you looked a piece of it? Smelled it? Does it seem like there is even one ounce of nutrition in it?  And what about all the dog food recalls these days?

Yeah, I know, you never really thought about it that way, after all that premium “natural” dog food is expensive.  I used to be right there with you until I started eating real food myself and then realized what a difference it would make in my dog’s lives if they started eating real food too.


Cooking for your dog is not a hard thing to do, and you don’t have to change your whole life to do it.  Just like doing anything new, start small.  Make it easy start with a few easy treat recipes.

Pumpkin Dog Food + Treats Recipes (digital download)

5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs

_Personal book cover angled jpt-1Tired of the extra 5, 10, 15 pounds?  Feeling guilty about your dog sitting around the house, underfoot, eating and sleeping and wishing you’d do something with her?


Step by step guide to running (walking or jogging works too) a 5K with your dog as your training partner.  Training program for you.  Dog training tips for your dog.

5K Training Guide Running with Dogs


Maui Dog Trainer (Mainland Training Options)

Dog Training Sessions Skype/Phone/E-mail

Lifesyle Coaching Skype SessionThe 6 session cookie cutter training class didn’t really work for you, or maybe your dog.

You love your dog, but there’s a certain amount of irritation with this blowing you off to do things that he shouldn’t, or things the neighbors think she shouldn’t, or you just can’t go anywhere with because there’s some sort of issue.  You spend time wishing your dog would be able to do certain things with you.  Or you spend time wondering why your dog seems to have so much anxiety.

Dog and puppy training skype/phone/e-mail sessions cover how your dog thinks and learns, what to do about your dog’s particular problem behavior.  I’ll help you start focusing on what to do rather than the failed attempts to help your dog at this point, what your dog doesn’t do right and why you may have not gotten the help you needed even in a dog training class.

Contact me with Dog Habits Training the subject line and a brief description of your dogs needs gets you started to happy balanced relationship with your dog.

More dog training at my K9 Coach site.  Local private dog training in Maui Hawaii and skype sessions world wide.

I’ve know Jt for many years. We’ve run the full gamut in the course of our relationship, from being professional colleagues and business partners, to being a mentor and friend. Through all these years she has continually helped me step into my better self and reach new levels of awareness. Her never ending commitment to go beyond the comfort zone in search of personal and spiritual growth continues to be a source of inspiration. Her ability to teach those small changes that make a great impact is second to none. I feel honored to call her my friend and would recommend to anyone take up the opportunity to work with her.  Robin MacFarlane



Most of the products or services I recommend are my work.  However I do receive a small commission from the sale of some of the products on this website from other sources.  By contributing financially or purchasing products that I recommend, you support my efforts to help you and your dog live life with a purpose and with enough of what you want to create happiness around you.

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