Re•VIBE: [ree-vibe] verb  1. to restore to a former state; make fresh or new again; to find fun and passion in this case through the eyes of a dog.

2. to move the idea of training to actually playing more.

3. to practice something new, one step at a time, one breath at a time. Good change will come.

4. to imagine what it would be like to feel our toes in the sand of our own contented lives with our dogs all along the way.

I’m a different kind of trainer. I’m here to put more joy and more vibrance in your dog’s life and in your life.

I call what I do more of an art than a learned skill. I have a way with dogs and with people too. There’s no cookie cutter formula. What you want and need for your dog and for yourself is different then your neighbor, your friend or other family members may need.

Dogs need exercise, good nutrition and companion contact to live to their highest, happiest potential. In much the same way, people need the same thing. In many ways we are reflecting one another’s behaviors.

Recognizing and knowing how to get more of what you want for your dog and for you is where I make a difference.

Our dogs live short lives. We love them with all of our hearts. Keeping them healthy and living as long as possible is a big part of my ReVIBE.

Natural remedies, homemade dog food and treats, mental stimulation, things to do with your dog, how to get good behavior, dog running programs and dog food recalls are all part of ReVIBE.

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Walking or Running with Dogs

There’s a simple answer to bad behavior, anxiety, fear, depression, and I wish my dog didn’t do (fill in the blank).


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I’ve know Jt for many years. We’ve run the full gamut in the course of our relationship, from being professional colleagues and business partners, to being a mentor and friend. Through all these years she has continually helped me step into my better self and reach new levels of awareness. Her never ending commitment to go beyond the comfort zone in search of personal and spiritual growth continues to be a source of inspiration. Her ability to teach those small changes that make a great impact is second to none. I feel honored to call her my friend and would recommend to anyone take up the opportunity to work with her.  Robin MacFarlane

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