What is your favorite thing to do with your dog on Maui?

There are so many things dogs can do on an island like Maui. This past weekend I went with a small group of two other dogs and their people on an outing.  A beach romp for the dogs, then off to a trail that led to the coolest blow holes by the ocean. Way cool stuff. And yes, we all were literally walking on sunshine.

Dogs Bring Out the Best In People

The fun part about it was the dogs and the fact that each of their people had spent enough time with their own dog that off leash recall was no problem. The dogs got to be dogs while maintaining good behavior and the people got to do their thing too, which mostly revolved around how much fun the dogs were having! It got everybody out to play.

And we all need to PLAY MORE!

Off Leash Recall

So how to you get your dog to come back to you no matter what?

It really comes down to repetition…. and knowing how your dog thinks and learns.  Repetition means time spent doing it over and over again. How dogs think and learn…… well, that’s where I excel in working with people. It s a concept that slips by easily because we are such multi-taskers as people.

Stay with the task each and every time and recall will become automatic.  Don’t try to call your dog to you from too far away when you start getting serious about teaching a solid “come here” every single time.  Take the time to get your dog to come to you from 3-7 feet away from you over and over and over again, before you even try to use the concept for 10, 20 or 30 feet.

When one starts understanding the fact that dogs learn in pictures rather than logic a whole new world opens up.   The new and fun things make having a dog as part of your own family the best thing in the whole wide world every single day and practicing fundamentals becomes fun, not daunting.

Upcoming Maui Dog Events

Poi Dog Contest Sept 2

Bring the family for an afternoon of fun by watching or entering your dog in the Poi Doggie Contest. This event offers a variety of canine-centric contest categories with prizes (for poi dogs only – nonpedigree, not purebred). Categories to be judged are: Best Dressed, Best Howl, Best Trick, Dog-Owner Look-Alike, Most Mixed Up and Stellar Senior (enter one category only for each dog; entry fee is $10 for contestants)

Cooking for Dogs Sept 29

Our dogs are dying way too early and we are finally bringing our dogs into the age of fitness and health as we people are realizing the best way to feel real good and to live our lives as long as possible enjoying each and everyday is through what we feed ourselves. Food truly is a drug. It can be good or bad.

Dogs have been hooked on a processed only diet for years. We’ve been lead down the road to believe it is the only way.

You are what your eat is not only true for you but your dog too.

Find out how real food can help with itching, scratching and licking issue as well as provide a diet that leaves your dog vibrant and living the good life for as long as possible. $10 for you and your dog!

Location TBA.  Join my Inbox to get updates on cooking for dogs classes.

Jt Clough lives in Maui, Hawaii and practices health, happiness, natural remedies for dogs and dog training. Her work at ReVIBE | Dogs + Joy + Vibrance is for people looking to live healthier and happier lives through their dogs and her passion for it has helped so many to find and do that thing they’ve been talking about or wishing to happen for so long. She is a dog whisperer for our best friends and studies natural dog remedies, nutrition and communication. Her latest publications are Pumpkin Dog Food + Treats Recipes and 5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs.

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2 Comments on Maui Beach Dogs and Walking on Sunshine

  1. Maui Boy
    September 5, 2012 at 5:32 am (5 years ago)

    Mahalo for the thorough article and all the great tips! We’ll have to come to an event soon!

  2. Roxanne Darling
    September 29, 2012 at 6:14 am (5 years ago)

    I love your photos JT! They really convey vibrancy and your love of animals. Running on the beach? Awesome. 🙂

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