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Do you know what US Dog Foods contain some really bad sh*t, like could be detrimental to your dog’s health kinda sh*t?

I bet you think if it’s made in the US it’s got to be okay right?

After that big huge chicken jerky treat deal that actually killed a bunch of dogs, and yes, they still have that crap on some store shelves for purchase, and they still haven’t solved the riddle of what the hell was in them.

Oh yeah, some say its antibiotics. Yikes. That scary. But really we still don’t know.

Anyway, the media has done a super good job of convincing us that it’s only dog food and treats produced in China that’s got toxic wrapped around it. But that’s not the truth. 

The truth is there is plenty of dog food in the US that’s got some really bad sh*t in it. 

dog food aflatoxinA recent study found two popular US made dog foods contain aflatoxin B1 and melamine.

There are plenty of others that shouldn’t be fed to ax murders sitting in prison even, but I don’t have space to go into all of them in this article. If you want to keep up on the latest, get my free Pumpkin Frosty Paws Recipe and you’ll be updated in the future on the latest dog food recalls and healthy real food your can feed your dog.

There are some great wholesome ingredients you should be adding to your dog’s food to keep them healthier longer, I’ll go into those later, but here is why aflatoxin and  melamine are so bad for your dog.

What Is Aflatoxin B1 Anyway?

Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring contaminant produced by mold. Aflatoxin B1 is a known human carcinogen and is known to cause liver cancer in animals. Even low levels of aflatoxin B1 over time put dogs at serious health risk.

Do You Know What’s in Melamine?

Holy crap. This is disgusting. And they add this to dog food. Really? Melamine is a nitrogen based compound that is often combined with formaldehyde and used in industrial plastics. It is used in utensils and formica to name a few items.

And so how does melamine end up in your dog’s food?

Simple answer: it is used in wheat flour because it is nitrogen based and make the product appear to have more protein. So there ya go. Nice huh?

dog food sh*t article calloutUmmmm, I’d probably STOP feeding my dog either one of those two if you are right now. Just sayin!

Green ArrowLearn 5 Ingredients That You Should Be Feeding Your Dog For Optimal Health

Feeding your dog an organically cooked or raw meal twice a day is a lot to ask, we don’t even do that for ourselves. However, you can add these things in as often as possible to keep your dog alive longer and increase health benefits all along the way.

No 1Coconut oil. Huge. The benefits of coconut oil are crazy. For dogs in is anti bacterial, anti parasitic, it reduces yeast which is the cause of itching, scratching and licking for the most part, and it reduces inflammation.

Feed your dog coconut oil! For sure.

Dog Remedies 2Pumpkin. Pumpkin has some awesome benefits different than coconut oil. Pumpkin has been used to help with an upset stomach or diarrhea. Pumpkin contains vitamin A which helps in the process of regeneration, slowing the aging process.

Dog Remedies 3Pumpkin seeds. Huge benefit to dogs. Pumpkin seeds can eliminate parasites, even tape worm! It’s best fed ground up in a food processor or nutri-bullet. Feed your dog pumpkin seeds often.

Dog RemediesColloidal Silver. A wide spectrum natural anti biotic. It is affective against 650 bacterial and viral organisms. It can be used internally and externally. Always have colloidal silver around for cuts, and it to the diet immediately if you notice your dog looking a little low.

Dog RemediesApple Cider Vinegar. Another ingredient that can be given internally or externally. Use it cut 50% with distilled water for ear infections. It improves digestion and acts as a natural anti biotic.

Here’s What You Should Do To Feel Better About Your Dog’s Health

Small orange ckmkAs mentioned above, all or nothing is not what I’m talking about here.

Small orange ckmkAs with any good habit, add one good thing this week.

Small orange ckmkMake it super easy.

Small orange ckmkYou’ll find yourself doing it waaaaaay more for your dog, and interestingly enough for yourself!

Want an easy recipe to increase your dog’s health and happiness today?
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