Dog Training Online CoursesOk, so you love your dog. But, there’s these things that he does that drive you crazy. Or you just don’t understand why after all this time, the thousands of times you’ve told him, asked him, pleaded with him to just do this one thing and he still doesn’t get it.

Dog One On One Listening Skills

Well, there are reasons for it. Mainly that your dog thinks and learns much differently than we do and we are constantly trying to logic with him.

Here’s a big secret.

Your dog does not have the capacity to logic.

I know, I know. You mean you’ve been jabbering on all this time and your dog heard, blah, blah, blah, blah… ya wanna treeeat? Oh yeah, ears perk up, tail wags. He got that one.


Arrow Soft RightFind out why that worked and the rest of what you said didn’t with a simple 15-30 minute phone session with me. No charge.

Seriously, no charge.

Grant Me My 3 Dog Wishes


Your Personalized Dog Lifestyle

The way you live with your dog is as individual as it comes. Which is why so many dog training classes don’t exactly work… and why… I’m putting together some new dog lifestyle programs and an dog training ecourse that can be access online and I want to know exactly what you need help with. So I’ve set up a way for you to schedule a consultation with me and get whatever questions you have about your dog answered. Yep, once again. No charge.

You can ask anything. Could be about: Paws


Behavior    •         Health    •        Fitness


 Whatever dog lifestyle you want to create. Ask me. And no, I’m not here to sell you on a dog training class you don’t even have the time to go to, nor do you want to try that route again. I’m doing this to find some real solutions for dog people who:

Dog Remedies 1Want to have a better time with the dog they love but just doesn’t quite get exactly what you’re trying to get them to understand.

Dog Remedies 2Want to know how to integrate quality dog time in when you’re on a limited time budget.

Dog Remedies 3How to prepare for your dog getting older.

Dog RemediesYour puppy is a nightmare, and yet everyone says they love puppies! What am I doing wrong? (there’s one thing that can help this hugely, and it’s way easier than you think, costs you nothing and is super duper good for you too).

Dog RemediesYou have ANY OTHER QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR DOG! Anyway, join me. Ask me anything. It’s a free dog lifestyle session ($75) value. No charge!

DO IT. Ask Me Anything You Want About Your Dog. In Fact, If I Gave You A Genie In A Bottle And Granted You 3 Wishes For Your Relationship With Your Dog, What Would They Be? 3 Wishes For Your Dog

Wish 1 Wish 2 Wish 3

Click the button below and schedule your no charge dog lifestyle session with me today. Grant Me My 3 Dog Wishes

*Note: the button will take you to a calendar to pick a time that works for you. Pick it, add the contact info where I can reach you and you’ll hear from me at the appointed time. It’s pretty cool really.


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